We've had a lot of proud moments at FMX.  For instance, FMX was the first radio station in the nation to play Pantera's "Walk" on the air.  As luck would have it, FMX is the first station in the nation to play Mark Tremonti's new song on the air.  More after the jump.

Mark Tremonti has always been cool. Don't ever mistake him for his former bands or band mates. This guy is seriously a 'regular joe' who just happens to be friggin' amazing on the guitar.  On his new single "You Waste Your Time", Tremonti BLAZES through a solo in the middle of some awesome riff filled fireworks.  I would also like to mention that Tremonti was nice enough to call me cell phone to tell us thanks for playing the record.  Like a dick, I didn't answer it because I had left my phone somewhere.  He did leave a cool message though.  Check out the new video now: