Shrapnel, tempers, and disappointment: three things that usually surround 42 drivers at the end of a race at the renowned Bristol Motor Speedway. The only one who isn't unhappy at the end of the day? The victor, and tonight, Matt Kenseth earned that title.

Yes, for the fifth time this season; you read that right. Kenseth has been on fire this year, being the only one who's rivaled Jimmie Johnson on running performance as of late.

On the subject of Jimmie Johnson, he had another rough night; make that three tough weeks in a row for ol' "Five Time".

Many Chase hopefuls saw some detriment to their campaign for the NASCAR playoffs Saturday, though others secured positions in the top ten.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. ran very well and basically secured his seat in the Chase for the Sprint Cup, while, of course, Matt Kenseth did too. Jeff Gordon inched closer and closer, but the four-time champ needs a stellar run, if not a victory, at Atlanta to make the Chase. Clint Bowyer ran very well and even inched in on the points lead.

Next week, Atlanta is up, with Richmond on deck.