I don't like to think of my self as a typical guy, but I sure do some
"typical guy" things. One of those things is "way" over prepare food.  Now by "way" over prepare, I mean make too much.

I will on occasion make a few extra trays of enchiladas.  It's kind of a "one for now, two for the freezer kind of thing".  I also will do the same for spaghetti sauce, peanut butter pies and taco meat.  All of these things seem to be just as good when you pull them out of the freezer and throw them in the oven.

This time around, I ran across a hamburger sale and thought "MEATLOAFS".  Now I want you to know I love meatloaf.  I'd rather have meatloaf than steak. I'd even go so far as to say it's my favorite loaf-like food.

So the hamburger meat was  real good deal with each of the FIVE packages weighing in at a little over two pounds.  So to my, basically 11 POUNDS of meat, I added an onion and a half, five celery stalks, three eggs, ten sweet peppers, a full can of spaghetti sauce (one of those big ass cans, because I didn't know I didn't have tomato sauces), three tables spoons of ground garlic, season salt and pepper.

Of course they don't make bowls this size outside of school kitchens or prison commissaries, so I had to make it on a large cookie sheet.  I basically made a volcano, put all the liquid stuff in the middle then tried to squish it together.  At this point some of the eggs squirted all over the place and a wad of the meat hit the floor.  I eventually had to break off part of the big wad and mix the two ways separately, then mix them together.  The aftermath was pretty ugly though. I was doing all of this on the stove top so I got raw meat down in the burners, eggs or the dials and of course, the aforementioned meat on the floor.


The good news is that it tasted awesome and I have two others in the freezer.  So my question is, when was the last time you over did it this bad?  I'll be more than a few of you have barbequed a side of beef to feed two people, or made a pot of beans that just would not end. And, have you ever made a lot of something that turned out to be "not so good" but you felt like you had to eat it anyways?