You have to realize that I can be very naive.  I went into the Fairpark Coliseum and a friend said, "here try this".  I said, "What is it?" and he said, "gingerbread".  So I ate some of the crumbly cookies thinking his wife wasn't a very good cook.  He then said, "you can have more than that" so I grabbed some more.  It was then that the Heathen spoke up and told me I was eating medical marijuana.

I have to tell you know that I am more in favor of marijuana legalization than ever before.  I didn't get "high", I didn't "freak out" or even "lose initiative".   For about four hours I felt good.  That was it.  I just felt good.  I had the best time ever at the concert, I had no laughing jags and my eyes didn't even get red. The next day I had no after effects.

I don't see how anyone can deny this substance to people who are hurting or even just depressed.  It seems to me to be a logical, inexpensive choice for some people who are suffering and it seems that government control or taxation of the weed would get us all out of a lot of problems.  I truly believe it is time for this prohibition to end.

I think I'll always prefer a beer or two to relax, but that's my choice.  I think those people who enjoy or even need marijuana should have their choice legalized.