The "Icon" Series is a multitude of large artists' best work put together all on one disc. From the band's greatest hits to the material saved for the live set, the album compilation includes 11 tracks sure to please any and every Megadeth fan.

The compilation will hit stores next Tuesday, the 25th here in the States. The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due"

2. "Symphony of Destruction"

3. "Wake Up Dead"

4. "Trust"

5. "Hangar 18"

6. "Sweating Bullets"

7. "A Tout Le Monde"

8. "Skin O' My Teeth"

9. "In My Darkest Hour"

10. "Kill the King"

11. "Peace Sells"

This seems like a pretty sweet deal, so be on the lookout next Tuesday and pick you up a copy.