Yeah, we've learned to open cans. We've learned how to tie a tie and to make gravy. Time to learn a VERY important manly skill-how to keep your woman happy.  More after the jump.


Do you believe in insurance?  It's 'pay a little now so you don't have to pay a lot later".  What about gambling?  It's 'place a little bet that may pay off big later'.  Buying your woman flowers is insurance, gambling and just a nice thing to do put all together.  At first she'll be little suspicious, but once you've done it three or four times she's going to know that you're just nice and thoughtful and not just covering up for something.  Buying flowers shows that you're both secure in your manhood and thoughtful for your lady.  There are a lot of places (like supermarkets) where you can get a nice bouquet or even a dozen roses for ten bucks (the prices skyrocket near holidays so watch out).  Think about that.  Flowers will keep for about a week.  For ten bucks you can have something in the house to remind your woman about what a sweetie you are.  At the same time, if you pick up a $10 bouquet during the 'off times', you won't be expected to spend ten times that when something like Valentines pops up.

Now, when I last checked, the stores changed their flowers out in Lubbock on Wednesdays.  That means about the worst day of the week to by flowers is Tuesday.  If you want the most *BANG* for you buck, pick some up on Thursday or Friday.  Also, remember what I said about "insurance".  If you take flowers to a Saturday night date, it gives the feel of "here's flowers, now what do I get".  If you give flowers prior to date night, it pays off in small increments all week long.  Yeah, it's tough out there, but try to budget $20 for flowers a month to start.  It seems like a lot, and  it seems a little wasteful to some, but you'll be happier in the long run.

*Also, some women will say they're not a big fan of fresh flowers.  Trust me, even they will ALWAYS remember the boyfriend that brought them flowers. You'll be the MAN forever in there book, even if they won't admit it.