I'm committed to teaching you manly skills to help you get through life.  I'd said it before on air and I'll say it again, "a woman aint' worth marrying if she can't make sausage gravy".  Now just in case you haven't found a woman yet, I've brought some help to teach you how to make sausage gravy.


In this video a man named "Hippie" teaches you how to make sausage gravy.  I will say one thing in advance, he fries his sausage then takes the sausage out for other purposes that I'll let him explain.  It's perfectly fine to crumble up your sausage and leave it in the pan.  Also, I have never in my life seen a man put so much pepper in a small pan of gravy, you might want to back that off a bit.  Lastly, he uses flour. I myself like to use pancake mix when available.  Here, learn yourself something country style!