I have a full head of hair but I prefer to shave my head.  At the Guns N' Roses concert I had so many women rubbing my head I though a genie was going to pop out of my pants. Yeah, it's nice.  More after the jump.


If I ever got to talk to my teenage self, one piece of advice I'd give myself is, 'go ahead and shave your head'.  It's just so awesome not having to mess or worry about hair.  Men who shave their head are viewed to be more 'in charge' and 'commanding'.  So what if you're going bald?  Why would you even bother hanging onto those last wisps of head covering?  Your hair betrayed you, kill all it's friends and take charge.

So how do you shave your head?  It's really not as easy as it sounds.  When I say "shave" , I really mean what some around here would call a "burr".  I would "shave" but that is a cumbersome job man.  I have a set of clippers and I go over and over my head until it's done, then I have to call the wife in.  Yes, you're probably going to have to have somebody double check you, especially if you're head has hail damage like mine.  It's also important when getting a burr, or any haircut that you get somebody to shave your hairline at the back of your neck.  Nothing looks worse than those fuzzy inverted "v"s reaching down.  That's where a good burr ends up looking like a ghetto haircut.

It's going to be 105 today.  I think you may want to give a buzz a try; just remember to wear a hat (your hats are going to fit better) or some sunscreen when you're out in the sun.

Here's a guy showing off a neat Remington Clipper. The MUSIC sucks, but the video kind of goes to my point of having some help. Notice when he's done, there's still a couple patches.