With all the choices out in the world when it comes to magazines, I only choose 1 and thats all i need. Metal Hammer Magzine out of the UK is your only handle for everything in metal.

Iv been a reader for about 3 years and this has to be in the top 3 of  what i have read. Not only do you get a kick @$$ interview with Slipknot that covers everything from Paul's death to a new album but you get a FREE CD featuring 15 bands from RISING RECORDS, 4 posters of Iron Maiden and a bunch of stickers that i have plastered all over our jock room. Interviews with Rob Zombie and Mastodon are sick. They also review all metal CD's that come out! On top of reviewing the bands that we love live in concert. If there is only 1 magazine you read it has to be this month's issue of Metal Hammer Magazine.