UFO is often cited as one of Metallica's main influences.  It's amazing to me that of all the bands the Might Met's covered, they haven't got around to UFO (that I know of).  They are also cited as a major influence by Megadeth and Iron Maiden.  UFO  still exists in some shape or form, but the band peaked in the U.S. around '77-'79. During those years UFO released their most popular studio album "Lights Out" as well as the live double "Strangers In The Night".  The band had an epic trek through Texas in 1979 co-headling shows with Judas Priest. More after the jump.

Many of you do know "of" UFO because you've probably heard of Micheal Schenker and/or is brother Rudolf Schenker (of the Scorpions).  I just didn't like the quality of the videos available of the band (and the band has had so many later day substitutions its hard to figure out what incarnation you are looking at).  Instead I've just put up the "popular" versions of the bands most popular songs (the two live tracks were actually early tracks that got bigger when they were released on the live album).

Some of you will find "Too Hot To Handle" a little to pop, but just listen to the changing riffs in "Lights Out"....you're still hearing riffs like that today.