Ah, some of you kids have no idea what it's like to see Metallica  up close and personal.  Poor you.  I was lucky enough to see them four times.  Once when they were an opening band, one during the "Black/Snakepit" tour, once at Summer Sanitarium and once with Godsmack at the U.S.A.  Yep, I'm bragging, because these guys just put on a clinic and show you how it's done.

These guys just make major metal seem so effortless. This is how masters do it and how fans do it.  I hate to tell you this, but pretty much all bands tell all crowds 'how great' they are.  While you're listening to the blinding, blistering riffs, check out the fans.  These people came to rock and they go nuts.  Here you go, check out Metallica doing "Master of Puppets" in Mexico.