The trailer for the new Metallica movie has dropped. It reminds me a bit of Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same" but instead of there just being drama vignettes, there is some kind of full on story going on alongside the concert footage. How about that concert footage too? It looks fantastic. Just go back and look at that still I posted of James playing in the green light and smoke. Man it's cool! More after the jump.

All I can say is I was so fantastically pleased with my last "live music" experience in a Theater.  The state of movie theaters and the understand of owners has finally caught up.  When I saw the Chili Peppers live on closed circuit, it was almost too loud, and for those of yu who love concerts, you know "almost too loud" is the perfect amount of loud.  Hopefully they'll crank it up when the Mighty Met hits theaters.  Here's the trailer: