Rock News Desk is reporting that Metallica actually was trying to set up a photo shoot with Lou Reed and Justin Bieber.  The resulting pictures would be used to promote a collaboration with the three.  What do you think about Metallica, Reed & Bieber Band?  More after the jump.

Lars Ulrich told Rock News Desk that they were going to do the photo shoot just to mess with the fans. He said the fans would have gone "f@cking crazy" at the thought.  That's also why I divided the story up this way, so you'd get steamed at the thought before the big "reveal".  There are no plans to actually work with Bieber, it was all going to be a stunt (and it didn't happen).

With all this talk of collaborations, who do you think would make a good collaboration with Metallica?  Would you want to hear Ozzy or Chris Cornell sing with the Met?  Or maybe they should record some tracks with Apocalyptica?  What are your thoughts?