We've already seen that freedom can be a dangerous thing.  Imagine you kept a dog on a short leash for most of his life then not only did you cut the leash, you put yourself right between him and a giant steak.  It doesn't sound like a good idea does it?  Getting news out of the area and even protecting our interests isn't worth getting between these people and their growing pains.  I know it's against everybody's nature, but I think the only way we come out of this looking good is to just stay back and let them clean up their own backyard and if at that time they want to be good neighbors, then so be it.  If they don't want to be good neighbors, well, we've given them a fair chance at sorting themselves out before they push us into some kind of action.

Now please don't confuse this with my earlier statements regarding the brutalization of that news reporter.  When American lives are at stake or have been threatened we should react to correct that situation immediately (and I mean severely), I just don't believe we have anything to gain by choosing side in the various Middle East civil wars.

And while I'm thinking about wars, let's send one out to the soldiers.