Mike Portnoy has certainly broadened his brush stroke regarding his artistic portfolio after his seemingly tough departure from Dream Theater, which ultimately shows the reason why he is one of the best in today's music industry.

Portnoy has graced many projects, possibly the most popular being his filling in for The Rev on Avenged Sevenfold's album Nightmare which many people thoroughly enjoyed.

Portnoy has his own projects, including Adrenaline Mob with shredder Mike Orlando and singer Russell Allen, Flying Colors with the Morse brothers Steve and Neal, The Winery Dogs with Billy Sheenan and Richie Kotzen, and now he's going to be on the next album for a band with Finnish roots named Bigelf.

Bigelf has been around since 1991, but has only put out three studio albums during the band's tenure.

Portnoy will be in his comfort zone on this album, as Bigelf is a clash between Progressive Rock and straight up Heavy Metal.

I'll be looking for this release later this year. Stay tuned for updates.