The good news is the show will go on, but the bad news is it will go on with out Mike Spritzer; for now at least. This is the second hit the band (members) have taken in the past several weeks.Bassist Aaron Patrick was the first member to suffer a medical problem while the band was in Canada when he began to have back problems. The problem seemed to be solved by band members deciding to continue on with the tour with only four members while Patrick recovered.

Yesterday however; guitarist Mike Spreitzer suffered a seizure and was rushed to the emergency room; he is reported to be doing ok now. At this time doctors have advised him not to go back out on the road until further testing.

The band wants fans to know they will be touring and will be doing their scheduled dates; but as a four piece for now.

Be sure you get your tickets for when they hit The Hub City September 1. It's gonna be a kicking show! Tickets available at Ralph's and