Cast no stones unbelievers! I'm not here to play Miley Cyrus 'music' for you. This is about an opportunity for you to see a naked 20 year old ride a wrecking ball (you can check that off your bucket list now).

Okay the song would have been a great opportunity for Miley to back off a bit and get people to see that she's just a little girl with a sensitive side.  That's not Miley though! Instead she prances in here drawers, full camel toe in view, makes out with a sledgehammer, and rides a wrecking ball naked.

The thing that gets to me the most is, you'll notice (from all the close ups) that she has a mouth full of thick, ropey, saliva.  Yes, she is literally foaming at the mouth. It's really gross.

Anyways, if you want so Cinemax level 'porn-lite' with a 20 year old, then turn down the sound and check this out.