Miley is bustin' out all over! Read more and SEE more after the break.

One of the reasons I hated the Bob and Tom show is that they were so old and creepy. It was, and is, just constant creepiness. I therefore try to avoid it whenever possible and I even "bat down" some of Heathen's creepiness though he's about the right age for creepy. Every once in a while though there is something that just pops up and that you can't avoid. You can't tell me Miley is wearing this outfit just because it's hot. She's busting out of that top and does a great Stevie Nicks.

So here you go, something for the daddies out there - Miley in a skimpy top singing Fleetwood Mac.  How can you NOT notice this? Yeah, I know she was Hanna Montana, but all little girls grown up and when they're all grown up and busting out of their tops, you can't not notice. Sorry, I have to stop typing now, I'm feeling creepy.

p.s.  I'm giving myself a "pass" on the "creepy" on this one. I found the original picture at Perez Hilton-meaning, he's GAY and HE noticed.