Molli the puppy is the newest edition to the FMX family and she recently posted a picture of herself watching some TV.


Molli The Puppy is a 7 week old heinz 57 and is the sweetest puppy I have ever had.

She comes from Brady, Texas and is glad to be in the big city of Slaton , Texas and enjoys rough housing with her sisters Lexi a cocker spaniel, Nikki a wire terrier and her brother Abbath the cat.

Whats makes Molli funny is she will sit and watch TV but not any kind of TV show but she will watch the animal channel like it is going out of style. I have the puppy bowl saved on DVR and as soon as I turn it on she will sit down and just watch!

If you would like to see what Molli the puppy is up to all you have to do is look for her on Instagram and look up the hash tag #mollithepuppy .