So, it's no secret that the majority of us here at the station have tattoos and have an appreciation for good ink on men and women alike. I've done a number of blogs highlighting tattoos on various people, I've done stories about why people have gotten certain tattoos, and I've done stories on really awesome tattoo artists.

As a parent if my kid decided to get a tattoo I don't have a problem with that either. My only advice would be to think very carefully about what you get and where you get it because once its there, it's THERE!

After that it's 100% up to them... What I can't imagine is if they told me at say, 11, that they wanted a tattoo saying ok and putting them in the car and taking them to get it.

One mom in North Carolina took it one step further when her 11 year "wanted" a tattoo and not only said it was alright but, did the tattoo herself. (a small outline of a heart on the girls shoulder, no shading, just the outline)

Needless to say mom is now in hot water! She has since been arrested  and charged with " tattooing a person under 18."

Not sure she should be facing any criminal charges, maybe just not given the mother of the year award, what do you think? Should this mom face charges for tattooing her daughter?