Let me first say that I have seen this band numerous times in the last 2 years and I have had the privilege of knowing and hanging out with theses guys. I hear a lot of bands talking not just of the local level but the national level as well say "we are a band that doesnt mess around."

But I can tell you when you go and see a Moments Till Fall show you will not get your metal spoon fed to you. Seeing MTF is like a constant punch in the gut and it feels great. Aric Brooks on lead vocal and rhythm guitar can control a crowd just as well as any national metal band that tours can. Tyler Adams on lead guitar is very well disciplined lead guitarist and shreds like the demon he is, Kolin Pelton on drums is constantly doin work on the skins as i have seen him come off his set soaked in sweat, and newly added bass player Mason Dale is a brutal addition to Moments Till Fall.

MTF is very tight and fluid metal band. They show that if you want something bad enough you will chase it down no matter what. They are an inspiration to any local band that thinks they cant make it in the music industry.

MTF have recently signed with Turkey Vulture Records out of Rockford, Illinois and will tour the U.S. for about a month in the early fall. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Moments Till Fall when you get a chance they are a "no mess around, cut throat metal band" and you will have a great time when you see them live.