I have been waiting on this game for 18 months and when it finally hit the shelf Tuesday I traded a bunch of my old games for Mortal Kombat! And I wasn't disappointed! From the very beginning you are thrown into everything that is Mortal Kombat! I have been a fan of MK since I was a lil bitty kid. And this by far is the best MK ever. It has such a smooth transition in combo's its unreal. You can jump right in and throw down with a buddy and do work on the vs mode. Or you can take a little time and do work on the story mode where in story mode you fight with every fighter and get the feel for them all. I def recommend doing the story mode so you can find your MK fighter that best suits you. MK is the sickest game out there and I will absolutely own you in MK!!!!!!!....... KABAL BABY!!!!!!