Let's face it, everyone loves music, some like country, some rap, some ROCK. It does not matter what kind of music a person likes i am willing to bet most people enjoy seeing live performances when they can, right?!

What can be better than seeing your favorite band live you ask? Well, how about singing one of your favorite songs? Now you will never catch me in a karaoke contest but I certainly enjoy watching other people show their singing and playing skills.

Here in the Hub City we have a number of live bands that do a great job of performing cover songs and rocking fans at different clubs every weekend (if you have never seen any of these guys check out the stages page and go, you will be glad you did!)

I came across this video mashup of "Black Dog" by Zepplin and it got me wondering what songs do you guys love to hear, or play and sing yourselves?

Check out the video