I hope that you got to checkout Motionless In White when they took the Pavillion stage at 930pm at The FMX Freakfest, if you didn't then you missed one of the best performances of the night!

I knew that lead vocalist of Motionless In White had something in store for all of us at the show, but I didn't expect to be so blown away by their performance. I have seen Motionless In White several times and seeing them this past Saturday was amazing. The band was so tight and sounded so sick!

In the radio biz, we meet tons of bands and we try our best to help out all the bands and even in the past here at FMX we have been let down by bands that we have helped out. Now to explain that a little more, we never looked for a band to go out of there way to say anything about FMX, but we have had bands act like we don't play their music and have gone on stage making a statement about radio not playing their music and so forth.

Motionless In White is NOT one of those bands. Chris Motionless has been more than generous with giving FMX and myself love live on stage. It is always appreciated and shows the class that is all Chris Motionless and Motionless In White. This past Saturday I was standing on the side of the Pavillion stage watching MIW's set when it came to the last song. Chris Motionless told the story on how we met and have supported each other, and he pulled me onstage to introduce their track "America." Then Motionless In White proceeded to bring the rest of roof down that they had already destroyed during their set.

I also got the chance to take Chris Motionless of MIW and Jeanne Sagan - bassist of All That Remains - to Nightmare On 19th Street where did all 4 attractions and they had nothing but awesome things to say about Nightmare and how they wished they had something like that in their towns.

Motionless In White will always have a home here in Lubbock, Texas and we look forward to the next time they come to town!

Checkout my interview with Chris Motionless the day of The FMX Freakfest!