I don't know why this isn't bigger news, but last Thursday the Crue announced a press conference for January 28th.  The band is expected to announce their final tour.



Accompanied by a graphic of a cross that says "R.I.P" and "All Bad Things Must Come To An End", the announcement also says "Save the date, January 28th, Los Angeles, California".

I guess people are cynical about "Farewell Tours" at this point.  KISS and Ozzy both have done a number of them.  The Crue have some pretty good reasons to wrap things up though.

The Crue have stated in the past that it was time to wrap things up.  Mick Mars health has been a very fragile thing for quite a number of years now and he's 62 years old.  The band also wants to wrap things up while they're still playing big venues.  Add to this the fact that Nikki has Sixx A.M., Vince has his solo tours and Tommy Lee always has SOMETHING going on, and there's not much reason to continue.

I still remember THE DAY that Motley Crue's first album arrived at FMX on "Leathur Records".  This is my jam: