OK folks I try to keep things light both on the air and here on the website, but somethings just need to be addressed bullying was one of those topics, another is teen suicide.

I am not exactly the type to sit around and watch MTV, but I do have 4 teenage kids and I do pay attention to what they say, do, listen to musically, and watch on TV. One of the things the girls have really been into lately is the "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" series' on MTV. In short, it is a reality program about the lives of teenage girls who get pregnant and the struggles they face both raising the kid and dealing with the very real grown up relationships they then find themselves in with the fathers of their babies.

A few seasons ago there was a girl on that was extremely abusive; both verbally and physically to the father of her child. In several of the episodes viewers see this girl screaming, slapping and punching her child's father.

A lot of people do not see this as abuse because it is the girl hitting and screaming at the guy, but the truth is people it does not matter who the aggressor is abuse is abuse and it is never OK.

It seems all the stress has finally caught up with the young mother, Amber Portwood. Just last week she was charged with domestic abuse and lost custody of her baby and she has now been hospitalised after attempting to take her own life.

In this young girls eyes I am sure she felt she would be putting an end to her own troubles, what she wasn't thinking about was the affect her actions would have on her kid. Life is hard, we all have ups and downs and we all make decisions that we really regret.

We can choose to stay in a rut and make the same mistakes over and over or we can choose to change and to improve our lives and how we treat people. The thing is, as long as we keep fighting and we keep pushing we can change things and make things better for ourselves and those we love and who love us; life is about choices and to do something like commit suicide is not the answer all it does is set your loved ones up for pain and quite possibly a life time of fighting bad choices of their own over the pain and guilt they are left with from the selfish act of someone they loved who didn't believe they were worth more.

Here is a link for a local place for help if you or anyone you love feels like they just can't keep up the fight.

God bless and take care of each other out there guys!