Mushrooms are one of those foods that if prepared properly take on flavors from other foods and taste great. Without any other tastes around them, they taste like dirt.  Sorry, don't tell me they "taste good" when you're stuffing them with sausage or frying them in butter...that's the sausage and butter that tastes good.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images

I don't NOT like mushrooms, I add them to things kind of as a filler. I'll put them in chicken enchiladas or spaghetti sauce. Then the other day at the supermarket I realized something, they cost more than the stuff you are using them as filler with. Pound for pound mushrooms cost more than hamburger or chicken.  This, I don't get.  Mushrooms were never living breathing creatures. They don't require a lot of care. They can't be too hard to grow, after all they'll grow in a pile of poop and even on a dead body.

Now, as any good reporter (ha ha) would do, I checked my facts at Wally World this morning.  8 ounces of mushrooms go for $2.58.  That means a pound is $5.16.  Would you pay $5.16 for hamburger meat.  Mushrooms, as a collective species, can go to hell (where they'll probably grow well since it's probably hot, dark and moist).