I thought for a minute about doing a series of "must see movies" but decided it would be better to focus on comedies.  Even better, you know how sometimes you get tired of looking for something to watch so you stop on one of your favorites and get sucked back in all over again?  I'm going to focus not just on comedies, but highly re-watchable comedies.  Once again, I'm not ranking these movies, I'm just saying you HAVE to check 'em out at least once!  More after the jump.

This Is Spinal Tap is a work of genius.  It basically focuses on a washed up/wannabe metal band trying to stage a comeback.  The movie is quoted backstage at nearly every concert and nearly every band has a "Spinal Tap" moment.  It was so authentic that many people thought this we a real documentary about a real band. The jokes range from the broadest of humor to insider stuff and they get funnier every time you watch the movie. If you get a chance, pick up the anniversary dvd for $5, they're tons of extra footage in there.

Here's the original trailer for the film:

Here's a place where you check out classic clips from the movie.  It's really cool and well done: