I have rarely found a comedy as re-watchable as "Tommy Boy".  The movie was the perfect vehicle for stars Chris Farley and David Spade.  The movie was a  perfect distillation of the chemistry between these two.  More after the jump.

In addition to being one of the funniest movies ever, the movie is highly quotable and each time you go back and watch it, you're surprised by moments you forgot.  For instance, do you remember the scene that "revealed" that David Spades character was wearing a toupee?   How about the "fake bee attack" to get away from the police?  What about the guys crying and singing along to a sad song on the radio?  Let's not forget the movie had heart too, with Chris Farleys character trying to save the jobs at his dads brake plant.  I actually have two dvd copies of this movie in my collection right now (I don't know why I have two either, but I can't live without it).

Here's the original trailer for the film (check out the smokin' bod on Bo Derek)

Here's the boys singing in the car (I love Farley's confused look at the end)


Here's the bee scene from the movie