In the early days of cable t.v. we were all stunned by a comedy show called "Pee Wee's Playhouse".  We watched it over and over again, then invited our friends over and had them watch it.  We were stoked when we heard that Pee Wee was making a movie.  More after the jump.

It's "The story of a rebel and his bicycle".  Pee Wees Big Adventure is the ultimate road trip movie.  After having his bike stolen by his evil "friend" Francis, Pee Wee sets off cross country to reclaim it.  Along the way Pee Wee runs into "Large Marge", the waitress "Simone",the band Twisted Sister,  a biker gang and even some TEXANS!  The movie even features the "movie within the movie" with James Brolin playing Pee Wee and Morgan Fairchild as "Dottie".

It's interesting that when you have a bigger than life character that you tend to remember only the larger, goofier moments.  Pee Wee's Big Adventure is actually a creative masterpiece from Pee Wee's Rube Goldberg breakfast making device to the claymation scare that comes out of Large Marge's face.  Let's also not forget that this movie was directed by Tim Burton and featured a soundtrack by Danny Elfman (the first of many collaborations)  I have some highlights from the film for ya, but I really recommend you go back and give Pee Wee's Big Adventure another look.