My favorite horror movie of all time costs 1.5 million to make. That's piddly stuff.  It also helped launch the career of Eli Roth who made a bundle on this one and on Hostel.  I'll give you the setup and a very weird scene after the jump.


Cabin Fever is a great horror flick because it takes so many twists and turns. It combines horror, dark comedy and some truly WTF scenes.  I have a really great clip for you, plus the trailers for the film and it's sequels.

This scene from "Cabin Fever" is an internet phenom because it is so bizarre and is in the movie for no real reason.  Check out "Pancakes"

Here's another great clip called "Sex Please"

Here's the trailer for "Cabin Fever"

"Cabin Fever 2" actually takes place at a prom and is a pretty good stand alone movie.  It's much more traditional than the first movie, but it's worth a look.

I have not seen "Cabin Fever 3" but it's certainly on my list.  It looks a little closer to the first movie.  It is supposed to be a 'prequel' and is actually title "Cabin Fever: Patient Zero".  It has not been released yet.   I'm pretty pumped for it.