It was a dark and stormy night, no really; it's dark and there are storms all over West Texas,  and we decided it was a perfect night to check out Nightmare on 19th. As we got out of the car and walked toward the gate we could hear the the sounds of the certifiably insane combined with spine tingling, blood curdling screams coming from every direction. My " was that rain? maybe we should come back another night" didn't work, so I tried another approach...

Thankfully the "you go first my eyes haven't adjusted yet"worked. Now I could walk closely behind our group; for those of you who are fans of horror movies, you know the crazy deranged killer ALWAYS kills the hot chick first... I know, good thinking on my part, right?!

We started out in Dr. Nexum's Sanitarium, I promise you this, if you were not crazy when you enter you will be when you get out...there's a reason they have the restrooms right as you exit...because if you don't pee yourself before you get to the exit you will want to empty your bladder before you enter the next attraction!

Next, Blood Moon Manor, as we entered there was hysterical laughter, screaming, and begging to get out! But noooo, I was told to stop being such a sissy. I kid you not every twist and turn through those halls just become more and more creepy with each step. And the effect and attention to detail are incredible, you never know for sure if things are real or just props, until it's too late. If I can give you two words of advice they would be meat locker...

From the Manor you head to Badger Hollow and Skullick, Texas, nothing like a creepy western town filled with the undead lurking in buildings and up and down the street. They did warn us to turn back, but by that point you find yourself questioning is it better to turn around and work your way back or to press on and keep moving. Me, I didn't have a choice, I was told to man up and stop hiding behind my woman. Apparently, the sheriff of the undead never saw a scary movie before he met his untimely death, other wise he would have known, hot chicks first, then the tough guys are always the first to die. Sissy, I think not, smart, absolutely!

Again be sure to pay close attention, the ENTIRE town was built from the ground up and the authentic look and feel is UNBELIEVABLE !

Three haunted attractions down, a short walk down a harmless looking path and we were at the final haunt, City of the Lost, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

The first thing I have to say about this part of the experience is each step you take is honestly amazing! EVERYTHING, including the actors make you question if maybe the entrance was actually a portal back in time! Don't blink and don't rub your eyes or you could find yourself being used as the next sacrifice...

Grab your friends, heck grab your enemies too and go check out Nightmare on 19th every Thursday through Saturday from now until Halloween; yes they will be open Halloween, we're else would the truly undead hang out on the scariest night of the year?

Good Luck, just in case you are among the unfortunate ones who don't make it out to share your experience with your friends.