Hurricanes are probably my favorite kind of natural disaster behind tornadoes. They just look cool. I just wish they didn't kill people.

I've seen many a hurricane in my day, as I grew up in near the coast of Texas. Hurricanes have always been a pretty peculiar subject for me, as they've always seemed to be a mystery to me.

I've always enjoyed watching hurricanes grow; as they build speed and intensity, finally roaring ashore unleashing mother natures fury. I just wish death and destruction weren't a part of the equation.My condolences go out to all those people who have lost their own lives or the lives of a loved one due to hurricanes.

Anyway, like I said, hurricanes are cool, which is exactly why I'm so excited about Hurricane Isaac, which just made landfall at 6:45 PM, Tuesday night. I know I'll be checking out all the footage of the decimation, and I'm sure you will be too.

Check out some video...