I have entered my second submission to the Urban Dictionary. My first was the term "Dustbilly" to refer to the hillbilly types of these dusty West Texas and Oklahoma areas.  I haven't heard back on that one yet, but I have another one ready to go.  Unlike "dustbillies" this is a word that most everyone can use everyday.


For those of you not family with the "Urban Dictionary", it is a "living Dictionary" that focuses on whatever slang is popular at the time.

My new word is "potblocked".  It's pretty simple.  It's when you go to the restroom to find out that someone is already there. It happens all the time in offices, garages and other places where people share a bathroom.  It also seems to only happen when you waited until the last minute to visit the bathroom, then you rush in there and BLAMMO!  You're potblocked by somebody already camping out reading their phone messages on the throne.