Since my top guitar players sparked some debate, I thought what the heck might as well do my top 5 favorite drummers.

Now keep in mind what makes this fun is everybody has their opinion on who their favorite player's are and we all agree to disagree most of the time. With that said let's get into my top 5 drummers.

I bought this kid his first drum kit for Christmas of '99 to the dismay of his mother and my mom. As a kid, I had always wanted to play the drums but my parents were hell bent that I play the violin and the piano, so when my son asked me for drums I jumped at the thought. And what a better way to torture my mom when she came to town to visit. He's come along way since that first set of Jr. drums and if he keeps at it he might one day move his way up to the head of this pack.

At #5 of my top 5 favorite drummer's is Gunner Driver. Here's the video of his first taste of "throwin' it down."