Tonight after dinner Woody asked me if I would mind going to the store with her since we had not seen each other all day. I didn't even think to ask her what we were going to the store for, I just went along for the company and time with my best girl.

We pulled into Wal-Mart just in time to be motioned down to the other end because those doors were already locked.

Once inside we grabbed some bread,Dr. Pepper, a bag of chips and some bananas.That seemed pretty quick easy and painless.

And that is when it happened, she drug me to the makeup department, and there we spent the next hour and a half while she tested eye liner, after eye liner after eye liner.
After not remembering what brand worked best, she went off on a safari of her own naming random rock stars who wear "guy liner" and asking me if I knew what brand certain guys wore.
Now with two and a half hours in, we still had no eye liner, but we did have a lengthy list of rockers who knew how to work the guy liner.
The short list we came up with of rockers who wear guy liner goes a little like this...Alice Cooper, Dave Navarro, Jacoby Shaddix, Ivan Moody, Josey Scott, and j. Loren Wince to name few.

Now here is your job, match the singer to his band.

After this little experience I have decided the market for eye liner for both genders has to be pretty high.