I am sure most of you have heard the story about the little two year old boy (Sky Metalawala) from Bellevue, Washington is horrible. Who the hell leaves a two year old in a car alone to go get gas?!

If you have heard anything about this case you know the mom says she ran out of gas while taking little Sky to the hospital (why she has not said). So, she did what any "normal" parent would do right... she took the four year old, left the two year old strapped into his car seat, and walked off to go get help...

Well today I heard the mom is OCD about cleaning, the dad is on Nancy Grace and among the questions Nancy has asked this poor guy is about his estranged wifes odd cleaning rituals.

I'm not going to go into the details but let's just say she is asking the dad about the mom's fear of germs in the bathroom and the mom forbidding the dad to use the toliet.

The guy is CLEARLY uncomfortable talking about this, and "good ole Nancy" just keeps grilling him... what a *itch!

I get that there are some strange facts surrounding the disappearance of this kid. I get that Nancy is attempting to present the facts, but come on... stop being such a *itch, stop attacking the dad ( he volunteered for a polygraph and passed) and present the facts, and show pictures of the kid so if people have seen him they can help get him home.