Everything Goes Black Favorites Napalm Death have a new album coming out Feb. 28th. Lead singer Mark "Barney" Greenway will break down every song song by lyrics and what the song means.

This will be the first in 4 series of videos where Barney talks about the new album. "Utilitarian" is Napalm Death's 14th studio album. This video shows Barney talking about the first 4 tracks off the new album.

I met Barney when Napalm Death came to Lubbock in 2009 and couldn't have asked for a nicer guy.  We talked about Austin and at that time their album "Time Waits For No Slave." I hope that we can get the guys back to Lubbock in support of their new album.

Check out the video of Barney, lead singer of Napalm Death.