So for eight years now, Natalie has been shunned by the hometown she embarrassed. She was just a kid who was shooting off her mouth to suck up to the crowd she was playing for, and even worse, SHE DIDN'T APOLOGIZE! Now, people talk trash on the President like he was a second class citizen, but poor Natalie had to pick on a member of the Bush family. Let me ask you this, how long do you punish your kids? Seriously, if you're daughter called you a dick, you'd be over it in a week or two at most. Instead of honoring this lady and her accomplishments, Lubbock chooses to glom onto the corpse of Buddy Holly (who also was hated in his time). Natalie still may not be "ready to make nice," and the city may not even want her to, but to hold a grudge this long is stupid, stupid, stupid.

I know you rockers are probably saying "who cares," but the fact is, I do. I don't want those I love to grow up in a hateful environment afraid to speak their minds. I've always said the best thing about Lubbock is the people, and until the "people" make amends with this girl we are being shameful and ugly. I encourage you all to open your hearts to the lady if you're given the chance and let the backwoods hicks simmer in their hate if they feel they have to.

Here's some lessons on forgiveness: