It's official, D-Rose is now done for the year, making it two years (and two knees) in a row. Kobe, however, is swimming in even more money.

Rose tore his ACL last year on his left knee last year, but this year, the seemingly cursed MVP from the 2010-11 year tore up his meniscus on his right knee. The Chicago Bulls had looked like early favorites to be a contender, but without Rose, many speculate the success won't happen.

In other NBA news, Kobe Bryant just inked an extension that's absolutely absurd. $48.5 million over the next two years. Let that sink in. Almost 49 million dollars. For two more years with the Lakers. Many analysts say this move more or less hurts the Lakers rather than helps them, via lack of cap space.

Hey Kobe...can you spare a dime?