I was going through some Facebook posts and saw a few people slamming a show happening tonight.  My question is, why?  Some people are going to really enjoy that show.  Why don't you want other people to have fun? What's it to you?  Why live a negative life?  What do you have to gain from ruining someones night?  There are people who saw the same show when it came through last time and said it was one of the best ones they've ever seen.   That last point is kind of irrelevant, but we deny someone else a good time? More after the jump.

The Urban Dictionary defines "Trolling" as someone who is "being an assh@le on the internet because the can" (meaning a lack of repercussions). I myself believe in manners.  Why not "be nice on the internet because you can"?  Now, if you come to my page acting like an assh@le, I'm going to give it back to you, but if you come at my nice, that's what's you're going to get in return.