I have always related to the Frankenstein monster. He was uncomfortable in his body, misunderstood because of his stature and really wanted to do right, but often people and circumstances wouldn't let him. There are other reasons why I identify with Frankenstein, but we're not here to psychoanalyze me, we're here to talk about a classic movie.

Have you taken a chance on a black and white film lately?  Some people NEVER will.  It's there loss because some things are so great they can never truly be "remade"

Among the greatest films of all time is "Frankenstien".  Sure it's overacted and maybe even a little goofy in retrospect, but it pretty much sets up all monster movies you'll ever see in your lifetime.

You have to remember, and they don't even reveal it in the trailer, that this is not just the story of a monster, but a story of a misunderstood soul.  The monster (Frankenstien is the scientist, "the monster" is his creation) is confused, he's angry, he's lonely, he's powerful, he's ashamed and more. He doesn't understand why he was created, and he doesn't understand why everyone is immediately scared and repulsed at him. This is a five out of five nightmare film all the way.

Maybe your don't think a film from 1931 is "EDGY" enough for you? Don't forget he KILLS a little girl (it's really a misunderstanding).  Portions of this scene were taken out of the film when originally released, it was then restored later. Here's the full scene:

And here's the trailer for the film.