I started this series out as my favorite Horror movies, but what the heck.  I guess I'll put in some reviews of current material as well.  The movie "Mama" was well reviewed by the media and by friends, but they all forget to tell you one thing-this isn't a 'straight up' horror movie.


Now remember, I don't do spoilers.  Anything I tell you is, or should be on the back of the box if you buy the d.v.d.  Now onto "Mama".

Mama is a very well made horror movie, until the end.  The ending is more what I would call "horror/fantasy".  I guess the switch to fantasy elements happens a little sooner than that, but that's when I noticed that the soundtrack score had switched to a "magical" sound rather than a tense horror soundtrack.  The movie is pretty simple to describe: in a remote cabin in the woods, two girls are 'adopted' and cared for by a spirt/ghost/thing that they call "Mama".  They are later found, taken back to the city and "Mama" comes along for the ride.

Even though I'm complaining a bit, I'd still give it four out of five Nightmares.  I just was a tiny bit let down that it didn't stay true to the horror genre all the way through (I should have taken note when it said "Once upon a time" at the beginning of the movie".  It's a very well made movie with tons of creepy stuff and jump scares.  I also have to mention that the kids in this movie put on some amazing performances.  Lastly, "Mama 2" is on the way and maybe I'll get a better ending out of that one.