There is a moment in the movie "Training Day" that I'm always brought back to, its' that moment when their at the kitchen table laughing joking and showing off their guns and then things turn deadly serious.  The original Wolf Creek had "that moment" when you met the lovable outback guy "Mick", who turns into a crazed killer.  Well Mick is back, and so are many of this moments where you forget your watching a horror movie and BAM! stuff gets real!


So yeah, I haven't be writing many of these horror reviews because most of the stuff I watched really wasn't that good.  I fell asleep three times during Occulus and the other horror movies I watched are really off the beaten path and I'm not sure how to recommend them.  Always, on with today's flick.

First off, if you can, check out the first movie if you can, but then again, there is absolutely no need to. Wolf Creek 2 makes perfect sense as it is and it requires no setup from the first film.  I will say that this movie tops the first one in every way, shape and form, especially as it introduces a WILD third act in Mick's "secret lair".  The movie is suspenseful, a little unpredictable and the gore is over the top. I give the movie  four and half Nightmares and it really only loses that half because the first ten minutes of the movie feature subtitles for no damn reason at all (the movies first characters are a German couple, because, why?). Wolf Creek 2 is on Neflix now.