Covenant Hospital recently laid off 49 people.  It sucks and it happens.  In fact this is the FIFTH time it's happened since 2003.  Always ones to grab a stick to stir the doodie, KCBD reached out to Congressman Randy Neugebaur who blamed the cuts on "Obamacare".  Wait, uh, are we going to start blaming Obama for stuff that happened in 2003 now?


C'mon guys.  Politics sucks.  Walking around with your head up your rear sucks even worse.  Covenant laid off over 250 people between 2003 and 2008.  During those times they blamed the "economy".  Now, since it's a popular thing among some rich white folk to hate the president, it's his fault.  You know, you can't have it both ways.  Blame Obama for these 49 poor souls who where giving pink slips if you want, but then you have to blame George W. for the 250+ that came before them.

One other factor to consider.  Wheres the layoffs at the other hospitals? Oh, that's right, there are none.  Neugebaur's math doesn't add up.