It's out with the old and in with the new and "Nightmare On 19th Street" brings you a new concept in haunted houses, the "3-D" haunted house. Now you might say, life is "3-D", how can you add another dimension to that? Well we can and I'll tell you how after the jump.


One of the latest crazes in Haunted Houses nationwide are "3-D" haunted houses.  The way this works is by putting on "color-reactive" 3-D glasses for your trip through.  It is simply an AMAZING effect.  For whatever reason, lighter brighter colors seem to come at you and darker colors seem to fade back.  Simply put, it I put a red dot on a black wall, it looks like that dot is floating anywhere from a few inches to a few yards in front of the wall.

Across the nation nearly every "3-D" haunted house is "clown" themed.  The bright and florescent colors are just a natural for an over the top clown vibe.  Having already done a couple of "clown" attractions, we wanted to do something more original.  What we came up with was a "twisted fairy tales" theme that we're simply calling "Twisted Tales".  We'll be presenting screwed up versions of "the Three Little Pigs", "The Billy Goats Gruff", "Hansel & Gretel", "Rumpelstiltskin" and more.

So we combined the "3-D" with the twisted fairy tales and some of the preliminary results are breath taking.  What really tripped me out is that I thought it would all have to be "black light" and a lot of it is just under special colored l.e.d.s. Twisted Tales will make it's debut this year alongside Bloodmoon Manor, Skulllick Texas and The Lost City (all of which have gone under some revamping themselves) giving you four big haunted houses for your cash.