We all have heard the stories of travelers stuck in planes on the tarmac for hours with no food, no water and not being allowed to go to the restroom. Let's not forget the lost luggage complaint.In the not so distant past, when you took a flight, the only options you had to complain about bad service was to wait until you landed and either try to speak to someone at the gate, call or maybe email the airline directly. Now we are in the age of instant complaints with instant results.

Check this out, in a new study more and more people are using Twitter and Facebook to contact (and complain) about service or issues while they are traveling.

In many cases while they are still on the plane at the gate. The social networking community has become so powerful that Southwest has a fulltime person on staff whose only job is to respond to Tweets and posts on sites like Facebook.

In some cases customers have recieved drink vouchers or flight vouchers within minutes of alerting the airline.