You got an inside look at the video shoot from this song's new music video that is coming to us eventually, but now get an extended preview of the song "Love and Meth" from Korn's highly anticipated "The Paradigm Shift" right here, right now.

As far as things go with this brand new album, I don't think "Never Never" really disclosed the overall direction and sound. The new single is rather drawn back, if not a little bit soft for Korn. Does that make it bad? Not exactly.

But where's the raw intensity? Well, with "Love and Meth" I think that's what we'll get. From the sound of things, it's a much more focused and sharp rock song. It purely sounds more like heavy Korn than what we've already heard in "Never Never".

As we continue to get breadcrumbs from the album, more and more anticipation is beginning to build, and with good reason. Until the album drops on October 8th, check out this new one-minute and thirty-second clip of "Love and Meth".