After viewing the last teaser video and this latest addition, it's rather obvious that Avenged Sevenfold isn't hitting the brakes on its reign on the metal music scene, but flooring the gas pedal.

Of course, we all know this band became huge with City of Evil, back some eight years ago. After hits like "Bat Country" and "Seize the Day", that album was the band's biggest breakthrough.

The self-titled album hit, bringing "Almost Easy" which was gigantic, as well as "Critical Acclaim". Then, the unfortunate death of James "The Rev" Sullivan inspired the band to bring out an onslaught of emotion on their last album Nightmare.

After that, we had exclusive songs for video games, mainly for the Call of Duty franchise.

Now, it seems the band is back in the saddle for a full-on album, and as you'll see in the teaser below, the band wants total world domination. Who knows what could happen, but if there's any band in the Rock/Metal realm for this generation that could assume that position, it'd be Avenged Sevenfold.

Check it out...