Joe Satriani's fourteenth studio album "Unstoppable Momentum" will hit stores on May 7th. Satriani teamed with Mike Fraser (worked with AC/DC) to produce the CD at the Bay Area Skywalker Sound Studios.

Last October,Satriani got to work hammering out new music over a two month period and the end result is eleven new tunes that he was excited to get recorded.

Satriani had this to say about what we can expect on "Unstoppable Momentum": "The idea was to crank up the energy level of the sessions," and that the new album heads in different directions and touches on a wide variety of musical influences.

If you pre-order the new disc at, you can get the bundle that includes an exclusive T-shirt, a 19x13 poster of exclusive Joe art, the digital album (delivered on release date in 320kbps MP3 format), the Unstoppable Momentum CD & autographed CD booklet, and an early download of a digital single before release date.